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1. Install smoke/carbon monoxide alarms on every level. Test monthly and replace batteries each year.

2. Buy an A-B-C multipurpose fire extinguisher for the kitchen where half of all fires occur. Check pressure annually.

3. Plug major appliances into wall outlets, not extension cords, which can overheat. 

4. Create escape plans for all rooms and place escape ladders in upstairs bedrooms.



5. Change locks on exterior doors and confirm all doors and windows lock securely.

6. Add security bars to sliding glass doors.

7. Trim shrubs near home to reduce spots where burglars might hide. 

8. Install motion-detector lighting to illuminate dark areas.

9. Consider adding a home alarm system.



10. Place wireless water alarms under washing machine and sinks.

11. Install flood-safe hoses on washing machine.

12. When leaving on trips, turn off water at main value to prevent floods.

13. Confirm homeowners insurance covers water and mold damage due to leaks and sewer backups. Some policies don’t.



14. Trim trees and shrubs so weakened branches won’t fall on home or be propelled into windows by high winds.

15. Install downspout extensions to carry heavy rains away from foundation.

16. If you evacuate when a dangerous storm hits, turn off utilities to deter flooding and fires. (See for advice.)



17. Inspect inside and outside of home monthly for signs of damage.

18. Replace/replace broken items before small problems become serious ones.


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9 Ways to Prepare for a Virtual Showing infographic
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Yes, you can buy a house now infographic
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5 Things to Do If you're selling your house during the pandemic infographic
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The Space Coast Symphony Orchestra will be performing eight FREE fresh air concerts this summer to celebrate the strength and resilience of our community. All of the summer concerts in this special Space Coast Strong series will be held in beautiful outdoor settings, to provide for healthful airflow and adequate room for social distancing. Attendees will bring their own seating to each fresh air concert, as we honor a segment of our community that has sacrificed in some way to keep our American spirit strong. With the loss of traditional funding sources, we are seeking your help today. Please consider a sponsorship to help the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra boost civic morale --and remind everyone of what makes our Space Coast great.

All fresh air concerts in the Space Coast Strong Summer Series will be performed SATURDAYS at: Riverfront Park in Cocoa Village, Cocoa

All fresh air concerts in the Treasure Coast Strong Summer Series will be performed SUNDAYS at: Riverside Park Grand Pavilion, Vero Beach

June 27-28
This red, white and blue concert will honor all those who have worn our nation's uniform as well as our Space Coast
defense workers. Filled with jaunty marches, anthems and American-inspired themes, the annual patriotic concert is always a crowd favorite.

July 11-12
We salute our health care workers and first responders with a concert of Broadway's best. We'll express our thanks to the health professionals who continue to do so much for American families, during a concert of time-honored Broadway hits that inspire and move us.

August 8-9
An entertaining concert of Broadway hits like you've never heard them, Broadway Gender Bender will be offered in celebration of the essential workers in restaurants, groceries, pharmacies and hotels who stayed on the job so that others could stay home. The Broadway songs all feature a fun twist, when sung by a member of the opposite gender

August 29-30
To show our appreciation for all the teachers who inspire and develop our youth, the orchestra presents a concert filled with 11 seasons of most-requested music. Fan Favorites includes a diverse mix of musical styles and personalities, much like the unique skills required to be a successful educator.

For More Information, Contact:
Chuck Nothe, Partnership Development
Space Coast Symphony Orchestra / 321-848-3292
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What to Expect During a Remote Closing infographic

-The title company prepares the required documents, and then emails or uploads them to an online portal.

-The title company verifies personal information and identification by video.

-  Buyers and Sellers sign documents electronically.

- The Notary Public uses audio-video conference technology to notarize a signers electronic signature on electronic documents.


*The ability to close remotely also depends on the buyer’s lender, and some don’t have the technology to offer a fully virtual closing or work with buyers in states that don’t allow them, says Tendayi Kapfidze, chief economist at LendingTree. “Most lenders are working toward trying to make this happen, lobbying to get laws in place to allow this, and focusing on how they can make mobile closings with notaries more safe,” he says.


23 states, including Florida, have remote online notarization policies


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7 Reasons to Own a Home
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Here’s what you need to know about house hunting during this time.

Sources: USA Today, Business Insider,


REAL ESTATE has been deemed an essential service in Florida, and many Realtors are ready to assist you safely.


GET PRE-APPROVED for a mortgage ASAP. Interest rates are at near all-time lows (but they won’t be forever), and some lenders are extending lock-in rates for up to 90 days.


SHOP from the comfort and safety of your own home. Ask for video and virtual tours or schedule a personal video walkthrough with your Realtor.


BE PATIENT. The home-buying process is taking longer than usual.


NOTE: Moving companies are considered essential businesses!

Yes, you can buy a house now infographic
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